Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Voxel 1.2.6 is now available

Post feed widget

When Post feed is set to Carousel mode, a couple of new options are added

  • Autoplay
  • Auto slide interval (ms)

The behaviour is slightly changed aswell. When reaching the last slide in the carousel, clicking “Next” will return the user to the first slide.

Here’s a video to illustrate it

The same mode can be used to create a dynamic slider by setting slide width to 100%

When on focus, you can use keyboard arrow keys to move between the slides.

Note: These screenshots are part of an upcoming demo which will be released in 1.3

Create post widget

  • Added tooltips for step navigation and save as draft
  • Users can now save post drafts without filling required fields
  • Fixed “Required” not being translated for Taxonomy fields

Post management

  • Post authors can now preview their non-published posts (pending, expired, draft, rejected, or unpublished)
  • Posts are now automatically indexed when bulk importing them via WP all import (and similar tools), or when modifying them programmatically with native WordPress APIs


Updated Mapbox language coverage settings to show newly supported languages

Dynamic tags

  • Added support for dynamic backgrounds in Elementor and Voxel Elements
  • Added “Expiration date” dynamic tag for posts

Voxel Elements

Voxel Elements v1.0.Beta.6 is now available. It can be downloaded here

New demo

Voxel documentation is now available as a demo


Hope you enjoyed this update. It’s getting better and better, onto 1.3 🙂

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