Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Voxel Elements

Voxel Elements is a custom version of Elementor (free version), optimized for best performance.


Download Voxel Elements 1.2.0

Go to WP Admin ➝ Plugins ➝ Disable Elementor plugin

Press “Add new” at the top and upload the downloaded package


Go to Elementor ➝ Tools ➝ Press “Regenerate files”

What to expect:

Drastically better performance which is progressively more visible the more things you add to your pages and templates. This is due to the changes done in the page rendering algorithm, vastly simplifying what happens when a page is loaded in front-end. Check benchmarks below to get an idea

What not to expect

This version is the same page builder you know with the same UI and options, no changes are done in that regard. There are also no changes in terms of assets or DOM output.

It’s periodically updated to sync with the original plugin in terms of features.