Voxel 1.4 is now available

Voxel 1.4 - Release details

Voxel 1.4 Beta version launched last month, and since then we followed up with updates that both added new features, but also solved issues that were reported during testing.

Today’s release is the final one in this cycle, that completes the 1.4 version.

This is a stable release and you should receive an automatic update notification in your WordPress dashboard if you have activated Voxel, and can quickly update.

Subscription payment mode

Subscription payment mode is now available to select in the Product type editor. This payment mode lets you create products that are sold in recurring subscription basis.

This payment mode is also available when building Marketplaces, allowing vendors to create and sell their own subscriptions within your platform.

Combined with Voxel conditions, more specifically “User has bought product”, you can create platforms where vendors create content that is locked behind a subscription. That content is unlocked, after a subscription is made and then locked again in the event of cancellation.

Offline payment mode

Offline payments can be enabled for individual product types. When enabled, the Stripe Checkout is skipped and the order is placed right away. Notes can be shared with customer automatically on how to fulfill payment outside the platform.

Tax collection

There are two Tax collection methods:
Manual: Setup the tax rates manually
Automatic: Utilizes Stripe Tax to calculate and collect automatically

For each Product type you can set a Tax code and behavior (Inclusive/Exclusive)

Tax codes are used to associate products with tax rates in different countries. For example, a jurisdiction can charge one tax rate for products in one category and a different tax rate for products in the another category.

Checkout from a guest perspective

There are three options to handle Checkout if user isn’t logged in / registered.
1. Require account: Either display a prompt or automatically redirect to authentication page
2. Require an email and confirmation code: Ask user to provide an email, and then confirm that email right away with a confirmation code, then proceed to payment.
3. Require just an email: Ask user to provide an email before proceeding to payment

You can test the 2nd one in the ecommerce demo if you add some products to the cart and make a purchase while not logged in.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect integration is now available and can be enabled under Product types > Settings > Marketplace

Stripe Connect functionality is built in Voxel functionality that lets users onboard as a vendor, and start selling any product types you make available and get paid instantly or periodically, while your platform collects commissions. This is used by many popular sites e.g Doordash, Wix, X etc.

Learn more about Connect

You can easily create fees about products sold through your site and apply them conditionally based on role, plan or user ID.

Vendor onboarding is done through the Stripe Account widget

A preview of vendor onboarding wizard

App events

Order app events are now added.

  • New order placed by customer
  • Order cancelled by customer
  • Order approved by vendor
  • Order declined by vendor

A few more order related app events are planned for follow up updates.

Documentation and demos

We are currently updating the documentation site to cover all these new features

Explore the updated Voxel demos which take advantage of various features in different capacities.

Full changelog

I hope you enjoy this update, and thanks for your support.

27collective Team.