Voxel 1.4 is now available

Voxel 1.3.1 is now available

Create post form

  • Added real-time (client side) form validation for each field type
  • Character counter for textarea and text editor fields is now available
  • New UI HTML field lets you insert custom HTML markup to your forms


In WP admin ➝ Structure ➝ Taxonomies ➝ Edit taxonomy

We added a couple of new options

Permalink settings

You can now define the base URL for your taxonomies aswell as decide if you want to set the permalink to be hierarchical (Parent/Child)

Advanced options

2. Hierarchical structure: Lets you choose if you want the taxonomy to be multi level (like post categories) or single level (like post tags)
3. Publicly queryable: In the context of Voxel this just removes this taxonomy from the sitemap and removes the front-end archive pages. Useful if the taxonomy has no SEO importance.
4. Show this taxonomy in quick edit: When you quick edit a post in back-end, this taxonomy will show for selection
5. Display taxonomy as column: Adds an admin column to the back-end post list

Taxonomy terms

Hide empty option is now available for Term feed widget.

and for individual Terms filters in your search forms.


A new interface to select loopable content is now available.

Google maps

In WP admin ➝ Voxel ➝ Settings ➝ Maps added a few more Google maps options

  • Map type: possible values: Roadmap, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid
  • Show Map Type control
  • Show Street View control

Full changelog

Next week we will release the review import add-on.

Hope you enjoyed this update.

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