Voxel 1.4 is now available

Voxel 1.2.5 is now available

Post submission limits

Post submission limits are defined by the user’s membership plan.

Membership plans can be Subscriptions or One time payments.

The publishing status of posts is tied to the membership plan by default


In the case of subscription based plans, the posts are unpublished upon cancellation of the plan. When customer downgrades to a lower plan that doesn’t cover their existing submissions, some or all posts will be unpublished, depending on the limits of the newly assigned plan.

One time payment plans

In the case of one time payment plans, the listing is left published indefinitely.

Expiration rules

Within the time period allowed by the plan, the 1.2.5 update introduces Expiration rules

Expiration rules are a second clause to control the status of a post. Each post type can have its own expiration rules which can be found in WP admin  Post types  Edit post type  General Expiration rules.

Expiration rules can be added based on fixed time, and based on dynamic value of a date field.

Expire after fixed time

When this option is enabled, you can define a fixed time period after which the post is expired.

Expire based on date field

This mode allows expiring posts when a date field or the end of a recurring date field is reached.

These rules can be useful to:

  • Expire Events after they reach their final date
  • Expire Job listings, after their available period ends

and similar usecases.

Any date fields added to your post type will automatically show up under “Available rules”

Multiple rules

You can combine multiple expiration rules. The post will expire the moment one of the rules is reached

Individual post settings

When editing a post in back-end, a new meta box related to Expiration is now available

The metabox includes three options

  • Follow expiration rules: This is enabled by default and respects the settings defined in the post type
  • Custom expiration date: This overwrites the expiration rules letting you define a custom expiration date for this post only
  • Never expire: Disables expiration for this post


After a post is expired, you can allow the author to relist them. This is made available using the “Relist expired post” action available in the Action list (VX) widget

Relisting behaviour

In your membership plan settings, you can define the relisting behaviour

When an expired post is relisted by the author, it should:

  • Use an additional submission slot
  • Use the same submission slot

Note: This option appears if Expired status is counted towards listing limit

Dynamic tags

New dynamic tags added under Dynamic tags ➝ User group ➝ Post types

  • Expired post count
  • Unpublished post count
  • Rejected post count
  • Draft count

Drafting posts

In the front-end submission form, a new “Save as draft” option is now added.

This option appears in two scenarios

  • When creating a new post
  • When editing a draft post

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