Voxel 1.4 is now available

Stripe settings

Stripe is configured in WP admin Voxel Settings Stripe

General settings

  • Site currency

API keys

All Stripe API requests occur in either test or live mode. You can get your keys in dashboard.stripe.com/apikeys

Live mode

Use this mode when you’re ready to launch your app. In live mode, card networks and payment providers do process payments.

Keys required:

  • Public key
  • Secret key

Learn more https://stripe.com/docs/keys

Test mode

Use this mode as you build your app. In test mode, card networks and payment providers don’t process payments.

Keys required:

  • Test public key
  • Test secret key

Webhook endpoints

Check status of endpoints for both Live mode and Test mode. If you’ve added everything correctly, you should see a message “No issues with this endpoint were detected.”

Local Stripe

To use Stripe locally, you can install Stripe CLI and follow the steps under Webhook endpoints Local