Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Preparing for the next update

Voxel 1.4 is now in development and with it, we are doing some changes to the structure.

Voxel core

What we consider the core of Voxel is the feature set to create, manage and extend the WordPress core functionality.

  • Structure: Post types, Taxonomies etc.
  • Theme building: Dynamic tags, templates etc.
  • Search & Display: Search, queries, loops etc.
  • Membership: Plans, roles etc.
  • Social: Timeline, Messages etc.

and other complementary features to these aspects.

Voxel ecosystem

We want to keep the Voxel core focused on general purpose features, while focus on deeper functionality will be delivered as optional add-ons that can be easily installed through the Voxel dashboard interface.

Voxel will continue to be an All-in-one package, so these add-ons will be included with all Voxel plans. We are just changing the way they are delivered for the following reasons:

  • We intend to natively support some competing ways to do things, and add-ons are the best way to do that without clogging up the experience.
  • Voxel is part of and embraces the WordPress ecosystem and does not intend to lock anyone into one way of doing things.
  • Every Voxel feature is already optional. However, clearly structuring certain features as add-ons may ease up the user experience and learning curve for newcomers.

Stripe Kit for Voxel

StripeKit add-on allows connecting and syncing your WordPress site to Stripe on an advanced API level.

The StripeKit add-on will include the next evolution of Product Types with new exciting features that will greatly expand the possibilities of what you can do with Voxel in terms of the Ecommerce aspect while utilizing the cutting edge technology, security and reliability offered by Stripe.

This add-on will also include the Stripe Connect integration, allowing you to easily build a semi-autonomous multi vendor marketplace with Voxel.

The 1.4 update is focused on this add-on.

WooCommerce Kit for Voxel

Woocommerce Kit for Voxel lets you connect individual Voxel features to Woocommerce plugin such as Membership Plans.

So basically, it utilizes Woocommerce checkout for that purpose. This add-on will be developed after 1.4 update

To set expectations:

We are providing a bridge to add Woocommerce into the mix, for the sole purpose of utilizing the many regional payment gateways available for it.

Voxel does not plan to provide any features related to WooCommerce customization, templates, layouts or customer support for things other than the functionality of this add-on.

We consider that if you choose to use a tool, you embrace that tool and the ecosystem that it has created.

As the most popular Ecommerce plugin for WordPress, Woocommerce has enough 3rd party support to cover every aspect of it e.g Elementor PRO and other page builders.

Frequently asked questions

Does Woocommerce work with Voxel

WooCommerce works with any WordPress theme unless that theme purposefully blocks it. Voxel lets you use Woocommerce on your site but doesn’t enhance it in any way. So the experience is the same, as if you were installing it in a blank theme.

Does WooCommerce integrate with Voxel features

It will integrate with certain features of Voxel if you use the WooCommerce Kit for Voxel