Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Voxel addon for WP all import

Import data to Voxel

Download WP all import plugin [Free version]

Download Voxel Add-on for WP All Import

This plugin should be installed in your Voxel activated website. Instructions below

Exporting data from other themes:


Download MyListing data exporter

This plugin should be installed in your MyListing activated website. It won’t work with other themes. Once you install it, go to wp-admin > MyListing data exporter > Select a listing type and press “Run export”. A CSV file will be generated and downloaded.

Other themes:

To export data from other themes, there’s a variety of export plugins available in WordPress directory.

For example: WP all export

How to import data to Voxel

Install and activate WP all import and Voxel addon for WP all import

To start an import, go to WP admin ➝ All import New import

Press Upload a file and upload your CSV/XML file where your data is stored

Once the file is uploaded, select the post type in the dropdown and click continue until you arrive at step 3

Step three is where you will map data you need to import. On the right hand side, the sidebar will display all the individual columns found in the file you uploaded.

Let’s start with title and description: Drag and drop the columns which contain title and description to the corresponding fields as seen below

Next, scroll down and click Voxel addon accordion.

Here, all the Voxel fields you have made available for a specific post type are displayed and you can choose to import data to each field individually

Additionally, under Taxonomies, Categories, Tags you can import taxonomy terms

Example video:

Once you’re done with mapping, proceed to next step. Click Auto detect button to create a unique identifier

then continue and run import

Once the import is done, go to WP admin ➝ Post types ➝ Edit post type ➝ Filtering ➝ Indexing ➝ Click “Index all posts”.

You should now see your imported posts and listings in front-end. Happy importing!