Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Post type templates

The post type editor Templates tab shows the list of templates that can be designed for this post type.

Base templates

Base templates are the default templates that are used for a post type.

  • Single post
    Design of the single post page
  • Preview card
    Design of the individual card that appears in the post feed/search results
  • Archive page
    The results page where posts are listed or where you are redirected after a search
  • Create post
    The front-end post submission page for this post type

Single post

To create additional single post templates that are used under certain conditions, you can create them under Single post tab. You can specify the name of the template and apply conditions when the template should be utilized using Voxel visibility rules.

Voxel checks the template conditions by their order (top to bottom) so if there are multiple templates that can meet certain conditions, the first one that meets the conditions is used.

You can change the order of these templates via drag and drop.

Preview cards

Under this tab you can create additional preview card templates which can replace the base preview card template in various part of the site. When creating a preview card template, that template can be selected in the Post feed (VX) and Search form (VX) widget options in Elementor.

Template tabs

Under this tab, you can create post type templates to be used in the Template tabs (VX) and Print template (VX) widgets