Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Product form (VX) widget

In Voxel, you can create product types for various purposes. The product type defines what type of product is being created during post submission.

The Product form (VX) is used to display the created product in front-end, through which customers can make purchases.


The product form is composed of two steps.

In the first step, options and additions relevant to that product type are displayed. Based on user selection on the first step, the price of the product is calculated.

The second step displays the checkout fields for that product type. The purpose of checkout fields is to gather additional information about the order.

Once the required information is provided, customer can continue to checkout and complete the purchase

Adding the widget

To add the Product form (VX) widget, edit a post type template and drag and drop the widget to the page. Once the widget is added, select the relevant Product field in the widget options area

Styling the widget

Styling options for various components part of this form are available in the widget options Style tab