Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Product additions introduction

Product additions provide the option to include extra choices or add-ons for your products. Customers can select these additions during the ordering process on the front-end of your website. Each product addition has its own pricing settings, and the final price of the product is adjusted based on the customer’s selections.

For instance, in the screenshot below, we can see a product form that allows customers to specify the number of guests and include parking with their order. In this case, “Guests” and “Parking” are examples of product additions that impact the price of the order based on the customer’s choices.

There are two categories of product additions

Platform defined:

These are product additions created or defined by the platform itself in WP admin ➝ Product types ➝ Edit product type.

The vendor can choose to enable them for their product and input pricing for each, but they can’t modify or add new ones.

One of the advantages of platform defined additions is that the products have a standardized structure which allows you to also create product filters for specific additions such as Max number of guests
seen in the Stays demo search forms.

Vendor defined

Vendor defined additions are custom additions that can be created by the vendors themselves during post submission. This is possible through a Repeater field added to the post type. As each product will have unique additions, it’s not possible to create filters for them as they would server no purpose.

We’ll cover both of these types in the upcoming articles