Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Pricing settings

In the Pricing tab of the product type editor, you can configure pricing settings which affect products of that type.

Payment mode

There are two payment modes available

  • Single payment: Customer pays once to purchase a product of this type
  • Subscription: Users pay on a recurring interval for products of this type

Upon successful payment, funds are transferred to

There are two options to select

  • Admin: Funds are transferred to the admin account
  • Vendor: Funds are transferred directly to the seller’s account

The Vendor option can be used to create a marketplace via Stripe Connect, something which we will cover in a different article

Funds capture method

This defines the time when the funds are captured after an order is submitted. The available options:

  • Automatic: Capture funds when the customer authorizes the payment.
  • Manual: Capture funds when the vendor approves the customer order.

Platform fee on product sales

The options here are available if the above option Upon successful payment, funds are transferred to is set to Vendor

These settings define the commision structure if you are building a marketplace

Fees can be:

  • Percentage of product price
  • Fixed amount