Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Pricing plans (VX) widget

The Pricing plans (VX) widget is used to display membership plans in your site

In Voxel, each role that you make available for your users can have its own pricing page which can be edited in the Role editor Plans tab. In that pricing page, you can add the membership plans that you want to make available for that role.

This pricing template is utilized in various ways. For example, if you enable plan selection during user registration, then the pricing template will be used in the registration flow. The same template can be accessed post registration when user wishes to view or switch their membership plan.

The pricing page required Pricing plans (VX) widget to be added to it.

The widget has various configuration and styling settings.

Price groups

As a membership plan can have multiple prices for different periods, the widget lets you pick the periods which you want to display. Each group creates a tab and displays the relevant plans within that tab.

For example, we can create one group where we display Monthly plans and the other groups for Annual plans. If you need to display multiple prices on the same group, you can pick multiple periods under Choose prices.

Once you create the groups and pick the prices, all the relevant plans will be listed in the widget options

For each plan, you can upload an image, add a list of features and description.

Once your configuration is complete, you can head to the Style tab to adjust the styling, columns and other visual settings related to how the plans are displayed.