Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Platform defined additions

Platform defined additions are product additions created or defined by the platform itself in WP admin ➝ Product types ➝ Edit product type.

The vendor can choose to enable them for their product and input pricing for each, but they can’t modify or add new ones.

One of the advantages of platform defined additions is that the products have a standardized structure which allows you to also create product filters for specific additions such as Max number of guests
seen in the Stays demo search forms.

Types of additions you can create

Numeric additions
These are suitable for additions that can have a variable numeric amount. For example, in a booking product type we can use them to create an addition for Number of Guests.

Checkbox additions
These are suitable for simple Yes/No additions, e.g. Include Parking?, Pick me up?, etc.

Select additions
These are suitable when the customer has to choose from a list of choices, e.g. Size, Color, etc.

Addition settings

All additions share a few settings including

  • Name
  • Key
  • Icon
  • Description
  • Is required: This option sets the requirement for this addition during post submission. If enabled, this addition is required and vendor has to input pricing for it
  • Is required in checkout: This option sets the requirement for this addition in front-end product form. If enabled, the customer is required to include this addition in their purchase
  • Apply pricing to each day in booked day range: This option is combined with the Booking calendar product mode. It applies pricing of addition to each day in the day range selected by the customer

Vendor perspective

During post submission, settings for each addition will be displayed

Optional additions have a switcher which can enable that addition and let vendor set the pricing

Required additions cannot be disabled, the vendor is re quired to input pricing

Customer perspective

The enabled additions will be displayed in the front-end submission form and product pricing will be calculated instantly based on customer selection