Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Order tags

Order tags can be used to track status of completed orders.

They can be created in WP admin ➝ Product types ➝ Edit product type  General Order tags

Order tags can be applied to completed orders. You can allow vendor, customer, or both the ability to apply order tags.

They can be applied in two methods

  • Through the order page
  • Using QR codes

Apply tag on the order page

Once a booking / appointment order is set to complete, the section “Tag order” will appear on order page and available tags for that product type will be listed.

Apply tag via QR code

For each tag a unique QR code is generated. These QR codes can be downloaded from the order page.

When scanning a QR code,  user will be sent to a dedicated page and tag will be applied. This does not require user to login.