Voxel 1.4 is now available

Map (VX) widget

The Map (27) widget can be used to achieve the following:

  • Connect with a search form and display search results according to the filters selected
  • Display map marker for the current post

Mode 1: Get markers from Search form widget

When you add the map widget on a page, it will automatically detect any search forms available on that same page and lets you connect the two

You can see an example of the map widget being conected with the search form in the Stays demo archive page

Mode 2: Display map marker for the current post mode

Choosing this option does not require further configuration. It will automatically use the post location as source if the source is available

Search this area

The map widget includes an option to let users perform searches utilizing the map itself. This can be set to either Manual or Automatic.

With Manual option, user has the ability to go to an area of the map and then manually perform a search by clicking the “Search this area” button.

While with Automatic option, a search can be performed any time the map is moved. The user has the ability to enable or disable this behaviour.

Further options

  • Height:
  • Calculated height (useful when trying to achieve full screen layouts as seen on the Stays demo
  • Default location: Default location area allows you to select a default area that the map will use when no filters are active or no address is provided

Styling options

In the “Style” tab, you can find styling options for the various map components

Marker types

Marker settings are post type specific and can be configured in WP admin ➝ Post type ➝ Edit ➝ General ➝ Map

There are three marker types.

  • Icon Static: Lets you use a static icon for all posts
  • Image (Dynamic): Can be populated by an image field from Post type ➝ Fields
  • Text (Dynamic): Can be populated using Dynamic tags. In the Stays demo, we use this option to populate the marker with the Base price of the listing