Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

General templates

In WP admin ➝ Theme builder ➝ General, you can manage the general voxel templates

General templates are templates related to various Voxel functionality like membership, orders, social aspects and more. Before a template is created, a Create button will appear in the list of actions. After creating the template, the following options are available for each template:

  • Edit the template: Edits that template using page builder
  • View: Previews the template in front-enD
  • More: If you have a different page or template which you want to assign as a voxel template, you can press this action and change the template ID
  • Delete

General templates are split into multiple groups:


  • Login & Registration:
    Requires Login (VX) widget
    Shows login and registration form when accessed by non logged in users, while for logged in users, it displays security and privacy settings.
  • Current plan:
    Requires Current plan (VX) widget
    Displays the current user membership plan, subscription details and ability to switch
  • Configure plan:
    Requires Configure plan (VX) widget
    It’s used to allow the customer to manage their membership plan post submission limits


  • Orders page:
    Requires Requests & Orders (VX) widget
    Displays incoming and outgoing product orders.
  • Reservation page:
    Requires Reservations (VX) widget.
    Displays confirmed orders and their order tags in calendar view.
  • Stripe connect account:
    Requires Stripe account (27) widget
    Onboarding widget for vendors.
  • QR code handler:
    Requires QR tag handler (VX) widget.
    This template is utilized when an order tag is applied via QR code.


  • Newsfeed:
    Requires Timeline (VX) widget
    Can be used to create a newsfeed page that displays social activity from people and posts the user follows.
  • Inbox:
    Requires Inbox (VX) widget
    The Direct messages template.


  • 404 not found:
    The template utilized when a 404 error is encountered.
  • Restricted Content:
    Default template that is utilized for restricted pages or templates
  • Privacy Policy:
    Default WordPress Privacy policy page as set in WP admin ➝ Settings ➝ Privacy
  • Terms & Conditions:
    Default WordPress TOS page as set in WP admin ➝ Settings ➝ Privacy

Style kits

  • Popup styles:
    Requires Popup kit (VX) widget
    This template is used to easily style all the popup components on your site at once. This template is not visible in front-end.