Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Field visibility rules

Using field visibility, you can control the visibility of the fields in the post type submission form, based on various visibility rules like user role, user membership plan, login status and many other conditions Voxel provides.

Field visibility rules should not be confused with conditional logic

Conditional logic is used to show or hide fields in real time based on the values of other fields. They are evaluated in real time as the user fills out the form.

Visibility rules in the other hand are evaluated once when the page is loaded.

Applying visibility rules to a field

To apply a visibility rule, you can open the post type editor Fields tab and click on any field.

In the field options modal, open the Visibility rules tab.

Select a primary condition which can be Hide if or Show if then press Edit rules

This will toggle the Voxel visibility rules interface where all the conditions Voxel provides are available.

You can then pick a condition, for example User membership plan is, then select the plan and Save changes

This particular field, will now be visible only to users with that membership plan assigned. To learn more about visibility rules, check out article