Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Dynamic tag sources

Voxel provides dynamic tags from different sources or groups

Post group

Depending on the post type that you are editing, the Post group will display dynamic tags relevant to that post. That includes

  • Post title, content, ID, date
  • All custom fields that you have added to that post type
  • Other relevant dynamic tags about a specific post such as social stats, rating etc.

Some fields can contain multiple pieces of information and multiple dynamic tags are made available for that field. For example, the Location field allows you to pull the post address, short address, medium address, long address, latitude, and longitude.

Some fields can contain multiple rows of information, for example Repeater fields and Taxonomies. These type of fields that contain repeatable information can be Looped using Element loops which we’ll cover in the upcoming articles.

Author group

Author group contains dynamic tags related to the author of the current post.

This includes:

  • Various user meta fields such as Username, Email, Display name etc.
  • Fields from the profile of the author
  • Various stats such as social stats, vendor stats, submission stats etc.

User group

Contains the same dynamic tags as the Author group, but that are related to the current user who is viewing that post

Site group

This group includes general dynamic tags related to your site such as: site title, tagline, site url, wp-admin url, login, register, logout urls, site language, current date, post type information and so on

Term group

This group provides dynamic tags related to Taxonomy term fields. These dynamic tags are used to create Term related templates which will be covered in the upcoming articles.