Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Booking calendar mode

With Booking calendar mode, you can create a product type intended for Booking or Appointment products.

Get bookable instances from

This option defines the source from which the bookable instances derive from

Booking calendar: If selected, the bookable instances are generated based on the availability the vendor sets in the Product field.

Vendor can create bookable:

This option allows you to select whether the bookable instances will be Days or Timeslots. The screenshot above, reflects the product field settings that are made available when Days are selected.

If Timeslots are selected instead, the product field offers additional setting to create or generate timeslots

Vendor can create bookable day ranges

With this option enabled, customer is allowed to book date ranges

Count range length using

This option defines the method to calculate date range bookings.

  • Days: Count the number of days selected in the date range
  • Nights: Count the number of nights within the selected date range