Voxel 1.3.4 is now available

Base price

The Base price is the initial price of a product before any further additions are taken into account.

Enabling Base price for a product type is optional.

When this option is enabled, option to input the base price is made available in the product field

When this option is enabled, you can also define a default price which can be overwritten on product basis. If the option is disabled, you can set a Predefined baes price which is applied to all products of this type.

When to use Base price

Using Base price depends on your requirements.

Consider the scenario where you are selling a product like a T-shirt. This product has a fixed price, but you offer product additions to the customer that they can choose to add at an extra cost, such as fast shipping.

Here, using a base price is essential because the customer is not obliged to select any of the product additions. Thus, the default price of the product cannot be zero; it would be the cost of the T-shirt itself.

On the other hand, there are situations where using a base price may not be necessary. Imagine you are offering a tour booking service.

One of the service’s additions is the option to select the number of participants. Since choosing the number of participants is a mandatory step to book the service, and each participant has a defined price, a separate base price becomes optional.

The total cost can be calculated based on the price per participant, which essentially becomes the base price for this transaction.